• Now serving breakfast!
  • Heaven Hill Corn Maze
  • Apple Orchards
  • The Lamp Post Inn Private Room
  • Convenient Financial Services
  • George Inn since 1872
  • Vernon Valley Auto Body
== Mark your calendars for the Sep 30 Member Meeting and learn about some of the new events and programs. At Senior Center, 21 Church St., 6:30PM. Refreshments served, too. ==


Enjoy Jimmy Sturr's orchestra during the number 1 Oktoberfest in the Northeast on September 19th and 20th.  

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Member Meeting

Wed Sep 30, 2015, at 6:30. Senior Center, 21 Church St., Vernon, NJ. Refreshments served. Your presence required!

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Pochuck Valley

Pochuck Valley Farm & Deli: Apple and pumpkin, picking, & apple cider, fresh baked donuts from 9-4 daily

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Hiking & Biking

Whether or not you love to ride or walk along Vernon's many trails, they all connect to The Appalachian, the granddaddy of them all . . .

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Things to do

  • Now

Local Farms Markets

Find some of the best locally-grown fruits and vegetables at nearby farms, like Pochuck Valley.

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  • Aug

World's Longest Waterslide

Action Park (at Vernon NJ's Mountain Creek) holds the World's Record for inflatable slide. . .

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For and about Vernon businesses

  • Listen to the podcast from Wed Nov 12, 2014 at Vernon Senior Center: Protect your Business and Family from Fraud | Download podcast and take it with you!

  • From EarthCare: The average lifespan of a septic system is approximately 25 years. With proper maintenance, cleaning and inspecting every 2-3 years along with being informed of what is in the ground, most septic systems will last longer.

    Earth Care
  • In 2012, Smokey's Tavern contracted Boz Electric/Electrical Power Solutions, a Vernon company, to switch its booming business over to solar power. As of October 2012 about 80 percent of Smokey's Tavern and Panini Bakery and Café's electric, lighting, refrigeration and air conditioning rely on power transmitted from the sun and solar panels located behind the restaurants.

    Smokey's Tavern
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