Member Meeting - Vernon Coalition - Nov 14, 2018

Vernon Coalition Member Meeting (Guests Welcome!)

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018

6:00PM to 8:00PM - The Lamp Post Restaurant - 6 - 8 pm

Learn more about the “Changing Landscape of Marijuana –post election”

MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION IMPACTS EVERYONE. Whether you are an employer trying to keep your workplace safe and free of accidents, a young driver who is trying to get to school, a parent who is doing their best to provide the best future for your child or just someone who wants to see the best for your community, you want to make sure that an industry does not come into your neighborhood and increases crime, makes the roadways more dangerous or provide more chances for your kids to make decisions that could hurt their future.

Rebeca Dorney, Vernon Coalition Senior Program Coordinator, a program of the Center for Prevention & Counseling will offer an update about the status of legalized marijuana in New Jersey & the rest of our nation---fresh off the November 6th Elections!

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